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      The Traitor King

      The Manannan family secret is about to be revealed… *Colorado Book Award Finalist* Now available on?Kindle?and?Nook?for under five bucks! Or check out the new?paperback?edition. “You MUST read this book.” ?—TeensReadToo.com (starred) “Humor, menace, and mystery suffuse this fast-paced tale… New surprises and plot twists keep readers enthralled, because nothing -librarians, skeletal pursuers, or hard-drinking dads-… [read]

      The Secret to Lying

      What happens when your life becomes a lie? ?*Colorado Book Award Winner* *Texas Library Association Teen Reading List Selection* *Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Awards Selection* ?E-book,?paperback, and?audiobook (read by Nick Podehl) now available! “Engrossing and entertaining… ?a great read.”? —Publishers Weekly “An artful blurring between reality and fantasy,?The Secret to Lying?masterfully delves into one teen’s… [read]


      The Last Panther

      What is a species worth? *Nautilus Book Award Winner!* *Colorado Book Award Winner!* *CAL Book Award Winner!* *A “Best Book of the Year“!* *A Southern Living “Best New Books for Kids” pick!* *Recommended by Florida Teachers and National Geographic!* *Green Earth Honor Book!*? “I loved this book, and I think anyone, animal lover or not,… [read]


      Travel Backwards… A life-affirming novel about a teen dealing with death, loss, and love?while traveling backwards in time. Available now from Candlewick Press! *Winner of the Colorado Authors League Book Award* *Finalist for the Colorado Book Award* *Finalist for the Crystal Kite Award* *LitPick 5 Star Book Review Award* It was Saturday, November 15th, but… [read]


      A Flight of Angels

      *A YALSA Top Ten Pick for Great Graphic Novels for Teens* ?Now available in?paperback, and it’s pretty flipping beautiful. Or stay classy with?A FLIGHT OF ANGELS hardcover?version. “Occasionally someone executes a standard storytelling device with such dazzling skill that it reminds you why that device became standard in the first place… [A Flight of Angels]… [read]

      Angels cover

      Create a Comic Book in 10 (simple?) Steps

      Comics and other graphic texts are one of the fastest growing areas of publishing, and they seem to be getting stronger each year. If you haven’t considered getting graphic, you might want to.? This post is for creators, especially?writers, who are interested in graphic story-telling. Even if your?art skills are limited to crooked, one-armed stick?figures, […]

      The One Thing I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Creating Characters

      There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about characters. Do you make them quirky and unusual (like Amelia Bedelia), or more ordinary ?(like Charlie Brown)? Do you make them heroic (someone readers might aspire to be, like Atticus Finch), or deeply flawed (like FH in Jesus’s Son)? Do you make them raw and human […]

      Writing Advice Part II (my top six other best pieces of advice)

      The single best piece of writing advice I ever got was to write the book you most want to read (more on that here). After that, here are six other bits of writing advice that have made the biggest difference for me (and that I need to keep reminding myself of to keep on going). […]

      The Last Panther Teaching and Book Club Kit

      Looking for materials to enhance using The Last Panther in the classroom or book club? This is the place to find and share those.? Although my first goal is always to write an entertaining story, it’s my hope that?The Last Panther?will help students creating vivid, personal connections to?several areas of interest for 4th-7th?grades, including: —Understanding […]

      Do Something Good (and get a Protector Pendant!)

      Ever wish you were living in a fantasy book, fighting monsters and questing to save the world? (I sometimes do). Fortunately, there are plenty of real causes in need of heroes. BECOME A PROTECTOR! Being a protector?is easier?than you might think. You can: —Sell lemonade or homemade crafts to raise money to protect endangered species […]

      CCIRA Session Handouts

      Dear Teachers, Sorry I wasn’t able to make it in person today to CCIRA (Colorado weather knocked me off the road, then got sunny). If you’re one of the brave souls who attended my sessions anyway (and saw me stumble through virtually), thank you! Below please find PDFs of my session handouts. Click here for […]

      A Unique Gift: How to get a signed, personalized book

      Want to give kids and friends a unique gift they’ll never forget? Get them a personalized, signed book! Here’s how: Order The Last Panther?(available in hardcover or paperback) or any of my other books from Amazon, Indiebound, Barnes and Noble, or other booksellers, and have it sent to you. (Or better yet, support your local […]

      The Chicken Sees: How Stories Change the World

      For nine years, authors I admire have shared their thoughts about writing and the environment on the A4ED (Authors for Earth Day) blog, including such incredible (and Newbery Winning) folks like Bruce Colville, Sy Montgomery, Debbie Dadey, Eliot Schrefer, Jack Gantos, Jane Yolen, Jeff Kinney, Linda Sue Park, Kathi Appelt, Wendy Mass,?Brooke Bessesen, Sara Pennypacker […]

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